Clays – A challenging shooting experience for all levels of shot gunners!!

All of our scheduled Clays events are open to the public and posted on the Club calendar. Shooters of any skill level and age are welcome and encouraged to join!

Sporting Clays is open during the summer months (April/May – October)

Five Stand Five-Stand is conducted during the winter months (November- March/April)

In addition there are Practice Traps available, to certified club members and their guest(s)


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Steel Challenge

steel1Chester Rod and Gun Club is now offering Steel Challenge events which are open to all members and the general public.

The Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition governed by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) that consists of eight standardized stages with steel targets, ranging in size from 10" (25 cm) round plates to 18x24" (45x60 cm) rectangular plates. Competitors are scored solely by the time it takes them to complete each stage, and the match winner is the competitor with the lowest overall time.

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Action Shooting

as-5-3-16Action Shooting is a sport designed to develop and enhance your ability to act safely and effectively in defensive shooting situations. It is the only activity in the club that will allow you to draw from holster and engage targets while moving.  Our club is affilliated with the USPSA organization and we host both USPSA and Steel Challenge style matches.

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Junior Rifle League

b_100_100_16777215_00_images_crng_jr_rifle_league_2010_team.jpgThe Junior Rifle and Archery League is an opportunity for girls and boys ages 10 to 18 years old to meet on a regular basis in an indoor controlled safe environment to experience proper and safe firearm handling, and archery instruction.

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CRGC New Steel Plates Range

New Steel Plates Range

New plate range with covered shooting positionOur steel plates range has been very popular with members, but was in run-down condition due to its frequent use and basic wood and sheet metal construction. So after Member approval, all new steel construction was created for both the plates and the overhead structure. The goals were to create a range that was safe, professional in appearance, fun to shoot and economical to maintain. All surfaces facing the shooter are angled down or to the side for safety. The plates themselves are of a new design which is expected to give them much longer life. However, when they need replacement, their design is simple to cut out and economical to replace. Additional center-fire and rim-fire sets of plates were added and plenty of room is allowed between shooters. A further improvement is that the firing positions are covered from the weather. 

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Winter Indoor Archery League

The CRGC indoor archery program is a joint effort between Lamprey River Bowhunters and Chester Rod & Gun Club. The idea rose out of desperation amongst the Lamprey River Bowhunters losing their indoor facilities.  At the time, the Brentwood Recreational Center was being sold to the town of Brentwood. The town's plan was to give the existing building a complete makeover which included the basement area where, every winter for 10 years, the Lamprey River Bowhunter's league was held. So, Kevin Laliberte, being a member of CRGC and a member of Lamprey River got together with Phil Lyons the President of LRB approached the members and BOD of CRGC to approve the combined club winter league.

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Range Officers on Weekend Duty

Range Officers on Weekend Duty

Range officer on Pistol Range 4-26-13 Rifle range officer 4-26-13

When you come to the outdoor ranges on Saturdays and Sundays these days, you’ll find each range has a trained volunteer Range Officer (safety green vest) in attendance. Their job is to assure that everyone at the range is able to shoot in a safe environment. And yes, if you break a Range Rule, you’ll hear about it, or you may even be cited. But don't you want to be sure every shooter on the line is acting to keep you safe as well as themselves?

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Bowling Pin Shoots

Bowling pin targetWith bowling pin shooting, accuracy is critical. The kill-zone of the four pound pin is about the size of a 12-ounce beverage can. At 25 feet, it is not easy.

The real challenge is to get one's five heavy bowling pins off the table during the distraction of five other loud and sometimes rapidly firing handguns. Hint: Your firearm and ammunition must powerful enough to drive the 4-pound pins back a long three feet to be knocked clearly off the table top.

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