Steel Plate Rack

plate rifle ranges 008CRGC has added an exciting and popular new range for the enjoyment of our members: Steel Plates!

The Plate Rack Range is located at the end of the Trap Range next to the Bowling Pin Pit. There is no certification/qualification required to use the fixture and you may use it any time during normal outdoor range hours.

The Plate Rack Range Rules have been established and are posted on the shooting station. Please familiarize yourself with the Range Rules prior to shooting.

The following are a few salient points you should be aware of before you go to the Plate Rack Rangeplate range 1

  • Drawing a loaded firearm from a holster worn or carried in any configuration
    is not allowed on this range (except to follow draw to clear and load to carry
    procedures for a carry firearm to be used on the range).
  • Plate rack shooting must be done standing in the fixed shooting station or
    sitting or kneeling at the either of the two shooting benches. Shooting closer
    or at a greater distance than the 30’ firing line is strictly prohibited
  • Only Pistols or Revolvers 9 mm through .45ACP may be used on this range.
    NO caliber .380 auto or below may be used.
  • Frangible, FMJ, Soft point, or Jacketed Hollow Point rounds are preferred.
    Magnum and +P ammo is permitted.  Cast lead and Plated bullets are permitted but
    highly discouraged due to increased bounce back potential, especially at lower
  • Center fire rifle ammo, Armor piercing ammo, tracers, 5.7 X 28mm ammo, and
    low velocity (below 750 fps) ammo is prohibited.

We have done everything we can to prevent splash-back, but you should be aware that splash-back can occur and it is imperative that you wear appropriate eye protection while shooting or as a spectator at this range.

When you have finished shooting please police up your brass and deposit in the brass bucket. Also please repaint the white plates as a courtesy to the next shooter. Paint the plates in their down position and leave them down.

plate range 3We hope you all will give it a try and enjoy a your shooting experience at the Steel Plate Rack


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