Action Shooting Qualification


Action Shooting Certification Procedure
(2018 Update)

Action Shooting (AS) certification must be obtained to use the AS ranges outside of organized events. Certification is available for any member of CRGC in good standing. Any member whose range privileges have been suspended or revoked will not be able to use the AS ranges or participate in AS events.

The certification procedure includes attending a live-classroom training class that covers action-shooting-specific safety protocols and rules, taking a short written, open book test covering this material, as well as the AS relevant portions of our Range Rules, and taking a live-fire shooting and safety proficiency test (hands on).  Alternatively, you may complete ther live-fire evaluation component during one of our practices or matches, as long as you indicate that to the Match Director, so that we can take special note of your shooting.  We’d prefer that you choose a practice for this evaluation, as matches can be very busy.
  1. The live-classroom AS training will be held at least twice a year, and will be announced on the club’s Calendar of Events.
  2. Full range rules for the AS ranges and all other ranges can be found here and you should be familiar with them.
  3. Print and complete the Action Shooting Written Test (this doocument is undergoing revision and if offline for now).
  4. Bring the completed test to either an AS practice (held on Tuesday evenings during the warm weather months) or scheduled AS match.
The Action Shooting shooting proficiency and safety test will include the following:
  1. Draw from holster will be used for all phases of the test
  2. Must demonstrate load and make ready
  3. Must demonstrate unload and show clear
  4. Safely re-hoster and draw the firearm with no danger to themselves or others
  5. Safely fire a firearm from a standing position with a reasonable level of accuracy
  6. Safely clear any jams or malfunctions that may occur with the firearm during the firing portion of the test
  7. The shooting portion of the test will be shot from 10 yards
  8. The shooter will take 10 shots and at least 7 must be in the scoring rings of a standard IDPA silhouette target
  9. The test shall be administrated by a CRGC Action Shooting SO (Safety Officer) that is also an AS committee member
  10. The SO(s) that administer the test must sign the certification document attesting that the individual passed both the shooting and written test

The written test requires at least 75% to pass, and certification documents will be kept on file by the AS committee.

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