Guest and Activity Fees

Guest Fees

Effective as of February 1, 2016, members are required to pay $5 for each guest they host on any of the club’s ranges.  That fee covers a single shooting session on a single day, without any specific time limit.  As always, the spouse or significant other of a primary member and the member’s dependent children (under 18 year of age) covered by the Family Membership rate, and are not considered guests.

Activities Fees

There are additional fees that are charged for certain events or activities.

Please note that these fees are subject to change at any time.

Indoor Pistol Range

  • Non members pay $10 to use the indoor pistol range when it is open to the public.
  • Members: There is no charge for members to use the indoor pistol range. Please note that members must be qualified on the indoor pistol range before they can use the range at times other than when it is open to the public.

Sporting Clays

  • Members pay $10 for 50/54 targets
  • Non-Members pay $15 for 50/54 targets

5 Stand / Wobble Trap

  • Members pay $5 for 25 birds
  • Non-Members pay $8 for for first round, 7 for following rounds, 25 birds per round

Bowling Pin Shooting

  • Centerfire: $6
  • .22 Rimfire: $3

Action Shooting

  • Airsoft practice: $2 per night
  • Live fire practice: $3 per night
  • Live fire event: $10 (per division for Steel Challenge)

Steel Challenge

  • Members pay $10 for a 5-Stage match
  • Non-Members pay $20 for a 5-Stage match
  • Entry in a second division, with a different gun, is half price

NRA Pistol League

  • .22 Rimfire class $20
  • Centerfire class $20
  • Both .22 Rimfire and Centerfire classes $25
  • Non-members $5 additional

Junior Rifle League

  • $10 per year
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