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The Chester Rod & Gun Club, located in picturesque Chester, New Hampshire, was established in 1932 to provide a family friendly environment to promote a variety of archery, fishing and shooting activities.  For our growing membership, we offer shooting matches, family oriented competitions, and training opportunities.



CRGC exists to:

  • Promote conservation of natural resources and wildlife.
  • Educate people about the responsible, safe and sportsmanlike use of firearms, archery equipment, fishing tackle and related equipment.
  • Provide safe range areas to practice the use of firearms, archery equipment, fishing tackle and related equipment.
  • Promote the interests of youth in the safe and sportsman like use of firearms, archery equipment, fishing tackle and related equipment.
  • Support and follow the rules of the CR&G Club, the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, the laws of the town of Chester, the State of New Hampshire, and the United States of America.

These facilities are sometimes made available to the public:

  • Outdoor rifle range is sometimes open for the public before hunting season to allow you to sight in your hunting rifle.
  • The indoor firearm range is opened by the range officer on selected evenings during select times of the year.
  • The indoor archery range is opened during certain seasons by the range officer on selected evenings.

Please consider becoming a CRGC member!

New members are always welcome! In addition to an individual, family, or senior citizen membership cost, some service hours to the Club are expected.  Such "membership service" usually consists of some organized and supervised maintenance jobs on the grounds or helping to set up, run, or clean-up after an event.  There are always plenty of member service opportunities, but members that are unable to complete their service hours will pay a premium at renewal time.


Our membership meetings are held indoors on the third Monday of every month (barring exceptions for holidays, etc.) inside the CRGC clubhouse. Often a supper is available at a reasonable cost to help raise money for the club.  Visitors are welcome to stop in and meet us when considering a membership.


The Chester Rod & Gun Club is affiliated with or a member of the:

  • National Rifle Association
  • NRA Institute for Legislative Action
  • Gun Owners of New Hampshire
  • NH Wildlife Federation
  • NRA Junior Rifle Association
  • Granite State Bowhunters
  • NH Forest Society


Chester Rod and Gun Club
99 Rod and Gun Club Road
Chester, NH 03036

Note: When using electronic navigation such as a GPS navigator, or other online data, you may need to enter our street address as: 99 Rod Gun Club Road

phone: 603-887-4629




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